Dalton Logistics, Inc. specializes in in the transportation of oil and gas drilling rigs. Our staff is highly trained and their knowledge of the oilfield and rig components combined with extensive transportation experience is key to the job we do. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and attention to details and planning.

Dalton has a large facility in Stanley, ND. with complete infield rig moving services. Dalton also has a location in Houston, Texas that specialize in interstate rig moves. We have successfully transported rigs in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Argentina.


• Drilling Rig Mobilization
• Infield Rig Moves
• Long Distance Rig Moves
• Access Road Conditions
• Access Site Conditions
• Pre-Move Meetings
• Truck & Trailer Procurement
• Weigh & Measure Loads
• Assess Destination Conditions
• Check Points of Route Concerns

Monitered Load Movement
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